SamTech Intelligence

Business Intelligence Needs

In today's fast-paced business environment, Banks/FIs and Business Owners need to know about their Clients/Business Partners 24/7:

  • How are all their Clients/Business Partners doing individually, 24/7
  • Is there anything they need to know/worry about on any of their Clients/Business Partners before it is too late


  • Passive customer information gathering
    outdated, expensive and limited in scope
  • Traditional data and techniques used to process information
    slow response to adverse developments/events, resulting in unnecessary credit losses
  • Ad-hoc monitoring processes
    no consistency in measurements/metrics
  • Unaligned departments' mandates and resources
    needs unfulfilled


A surveillance system that empowers decision-makers to proactively assess and monitor their clients systematically by

  • Procure Data
    Proactive search/identify/extract pertinent customer information from digital resources
  • Process and Predict
    Process information into Realtime forward-looking intelligence using AI and Machine Learning
  • Systemise and Alert
    Synthesise intelligence systematically for monitoring based on risk appetite, alert users when pre-set risk appetite thresholds are breached